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Dying to Live

By Ian Murphy

When high school valedictorian Ian Murphy was writing his graduation address, a teacher told him that he could not mention Jesus in his speech. She even threatened to pull the plug on the microphone if he tried to do so. Murphy’s defiance, in the name of his constitutional rights, made national news, and his zeal to spread the Gospel, no matter the cost, became the defining passion of his life.
Murphy's public battle for his freedom of speech is where this conversion story begins, but then it retraces the other important experiences of his youth. He describes his free-spirited Christian parents, his early doubts, the influence of faith-filled relatives and friends, and the spiritual encounter that made him a believer.
At a young age, Murphy went from strength to strength as he sought after truth, grew in prayer, and shared his faith with others. But his doubts resurfaced when his friend and mentor, the leader of a Protestant college group, was murdered. After his trust in God was restored, Murphy became a Baptist minister in the Bible Belt, and from there his spiritual journey led him into the Catholic Church.
The unexpected twists and turns in Murphy's extraordinary story show that when a man gives his life to Christ, the Lord never lets him go


Group Options

Membership at Large

The Membership at Large plan will operate as a large group email for those who join. Each month group members will be asked if, to the best of their knowledge, they are in a state of grace. Those who reply "yes" will earn 10 points. Sign up to earn 30 points. After one year earn 3 books!


Create Your Own Group

By creating your own group, earn points towards books just for participating. Create a group with at least 3 individuals and earn 30 points. Each month the group stays together, earn 10 more. Books are mailed out for every 50 points earned for a total 3 books per subscription. Saint's Book Club will follow up with group leaders each month to keep track of points.


How to Lead a Group

 A group can be run by members within the group notifying each within the group when a serious sin has been committed. This option works well if those within the group know each other well enough to be vulnerable with each other. If a person can share their sins to those in a group it becomes more likely he/she can share their sins with a priest. Accountability groups can use code words for "falling" if they like. This can be a fun way to make less awkward the fact that an embarrassing sin has been committed.

A second way a group can be run is by a leader taking the initiative to check in with those within the group on a periodical basis. A group leader could ask on a monthly or semi monthly basis if those within the group have been to confession if having "fallen" into serious sin.

Part of the goal of accountability groups is to avoid sin in the first place but ultimately it is for its members to seek sacramental absolution in a timely manner if a serious sin is committed.