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       Mission and Vision

To offer encouragement and accountability for Sinners striving to be Saints.

Through monthly emails and awesome books on the saints!


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Carl Morris

Hello, Thanks for stopping by to meet me. Over 10 years ago, I had a conversion to not just deepening my Catholic Faith, but also striving to stay in a state of grace. A few years after that conversion, I gave up the fight for a period of time. After being challenged by a friend, I again began to take seriously the sacraments. Personally, I don't often choose the good until I am tempted to do the bad. As if I were being driven and the only choices present to me were diametrically opposed. If I don't strive to stay in a state of grace, I am simply going through the motions. I feel called to help others who may be striving to stay in a state of grace to keep up the fight.
After graduating from the University of Mary I served a year with NET Ministries before taking a job as a residence director at the University of Mary. I moved back to work at my local parish as the Director of Religious Education, and since then, have taken ownership of my father's car wash and laundromat. I wish for Saintsbookclub to be a vehicle to keep myself and others in God's good graces! God Bless, Carl.